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Sammuel Tracey

Male. Lives in Sacramento, California, United States.
About Me
I'm from a small town here in California. I'm a Protestant Christian as well .
I enjoy freedom... View More
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Sammuel Tracey
Instead of gold coins, Uncle Scrooge skinny dips into 9mm : D
Sammuel Tracey
That one federal gun control bill that will basically turn our whole nation into my state , which is commieforina, it will effect the impact of the current case we have against the state for our figh... View More
Sammuel Tracey
Can't wait to find some ammo, looking for some 9mm so I can continue to break in my CZ75 Compact.
Sammuel Tracey
If I ever visit Washington DC and want to see our congress members, or President, I should be allowed to do so. We are supposed to be their boss, us voters. An employer shouldn't need permission to v... View More
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Summer Reyes
1000% agree with you!!! They forget they work for us and need to do their J-O-Bs!!!!
February 14, 2021
Tammy Patriot
Amen, you got it right!
February 14, 2021
Sammuel Tracey
Sammuel Tracey
https://youtu.be/Ki49H1BceZk MSNBC wants us patriots to be killed by a drone.. I voted for trump , I guess I’m a target on that list too . Anyone here know how to counter drones ?
Sammuel Tracey
https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wisn.com/amp/article/prosecutors-kyle-rittenhouse-violated-conditions-of-release/35410096 I hope Kyle can beat this but him not giving a current address for his lat... View More
Sammuel Tracey
Is there any truth to this ?
Sammuel Tracey
I went to a 511 store to buy pants for work and saw Black Rifle Coffee being sold... Black rifle coffee supported Democrats #traitorsto2ndamendment
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Leslie Applegate
Please cite your sources. Who did they support and how?
February 2, 2021
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Sammuel Tracey
Look up how they hated Kyle Rittenhouse , only the left hates him even though he defended himself from being killed by 3 people watch guns and gadgets video https://youtu.be/wVhB0YCdQMc . That has sources and there is proof they donated to gun grabbers with their profits
February 2, 2021 Edited
Sammuel Tracey
https://youtu.be/AvUiIWrcAwc This is why I want my future wife to shoot guns like me and hold similar values so that way I won’t be betrayed but even then tyrants like this bitch will come up with... View More
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