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Laurie Rush

Female. Is married.
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Laurie Rush
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It’s Football weather! Check out this portable football game great for family BBQ’s, picnics and the beach. Great gift perfect for any sports fan! https://5e60.com/tailgate-game/ https://youtu.be/ZIH6... View More
Laurie Rush
Get ready for Halloween with Vegan, Cruelty-free makeup. Not just for playtime - everyday makeup! You'll love the lip potions that don't rub off!!! https://5e60.com/makeup-magic/ #makeupmagic #hallowe... View More
Laurie Rush
It's time to start that Holiday Party planning! Plan around an amazing fine wine. Sparkling White or Rose by the case! Start planning now! https://5e60.com/fine-wines/ #finewine #winelover
Laurie Rush
Reflecting back on a wonderful week of learning and building relationships with my business! #lovit #wegettodoit #workfromhome #orlandoMarriott
Laurie Rush
Christmas is just 3 1/2 months away! Start your shopping now! I've got some interesting and great finds for all your family and friends. Give a gift that they will love! Shop with me for Christmas! ht... View More
Laurie Rush
Kids in sports? Have messy shoes that get thrown into that gym bag? No more dirty clothes. Grab this inexpensive solution to all those messy problems. It clips on the outside of your bag to carry any ... View More
Laurie Rush
I'm excited about this new BBQ sauce I found. It has just the right amount of spice, it's addicting. http://5e60.com/best-bbq-sauce/
Laurie Rush
I found the best product on the market with pockets! No more setting my purse down in the grocery cart and worrying about germs. I can put my wallet and phone in my infinity scarf and not worry.
Laurie Rush
Diabetic-friendly? Keto-friendly? Paleo-friendly? Gluten-free? Tastes great? YES! This cookie checks off all the boxes! Soft, delectable cookies that are Healthy!!! Scan the QR Code for more info!
Laurie Rush
Finally, a clean water purifier that rids 99.999% of all harmful substances. Only all-glass purifier in the World. Taste your way to a healthier life! http://5e60.com/pure-water/
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