American Patriot Coffee Company
We love God, The USA, and of course coffee! Our passion for those drive everything we do, including  making sure you get the freshest and best tasting coffee. Each of our coffees is roasted in the USA, and packaged in bags printed and made in the USA. Founded in 2020, a big part of what we believe is the necessity to give back. Our Christian faith compels us to care for others and give back to the community. When you purchase coffee from us, you will have the option to select the charity to which the donation will go. This is NOT a cost you will incur. Rather, American Patriot Coffee Company will donate the funds out of our proceeds to the charity you select. We proudly support carities and organizations that champion Veteras, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Family Healthcare. To see the charities we support visit
Jeff DiSario
Advax Heleral
Dick DeJong
Famhost | Fleet Asset Management & Hosting. Specializing in IoT tool and asset tracking. Locally owned in Wichita KS since 1999. All of the United States of America and Canada.
Paul Farmer
Matthew Keller
The Circle of Life Avian Collar
I am here to discuss your needs and together we can come up with the correct collar and method of detouring feather destruction. I am not an avian vet, (by the way, I highly recommend a vet visit to check it there are health issues causing the plucking/chewing.) but I will do everything in my power to help you figure out the hows, whys, and so forth of your babies issues. Including, forwarding you to someone, or guiding you to information that can help you.