Dynamic Combative Solutions LLC
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Dynamic Combative Solutions is an all in one self-defense school for students and Instructors. We specialize in all manners of self-defense education. DCS has recruited and trained Instructors who specialize in hand to hand combatives, Knife Techniques, Baton, Civilian Tasers, Pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Whether you are looking for self-defense options or you’re required by your employer to be more proficient with your tools, our mission is to provide lifesaving education, training and skills to the general public and professional’s alike. We want you to be better prepared to defend yourself or others in a life-threatening situation while acting within both State and Federal laws.  We pride ourselves on knowing a multitude of ways to accomplish tasks so that our students will be more successful at achieving their goals. We not only teach our own classes but work in partnership with reputable leaders from around the country to host their classes as well. We want to provide you with the very best training possible using the latest techniques that makes education fun and enjoyable while still being safe and accurate.  
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JM4 Tactical
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About the Owners JM4 Tactical is owned and operated by Chad & Shawndalyn of Abilene, TX.  Chad has a history in production and is a former United States Marine.  Shawndalyn comes from a background of office management and accounting. Together they have 4 boys ages 9 – 21. Chad and Shawndalyn both obtained their License to Carry together via the same conceal carry class.  Shawndalyn basically would only carry in her purse and not on her person because none of the holsters she tried were comfortable.  In addition, the clips on the holsters seemed to always put small snags and holes in her clothing and she hasn’t worn a belt since probably grade school.  This led Chad to working on a design that would allow Shawndalyn to carry comfortably and with that JM4 Tactical was born.  About the Company When Chad and Shawndalyn began JM4 Tactical they decided that they didn’t want to be “just another company” but one that goes above and beyond for their customers, putting customer service back into the game of retail.  Their goal was to provide a top quality and functional product with impeccable workmanship while creating American jobs.  Since the March 15, 2016 launch of the Magnetic Quick, Click & Carry holster – JM4 Tactical has created 24 American jobs and that number continues to grow.  With each sale of a Quick, Click, & Carry holster via their website they don’t see that sale as a number but yet a new JM4 Family member.  It is not uncommon for a customer to receive a phone call from Chad or a comment via social media welcoming them to the JM4 Family or answering any questions or concerns they may have.  They firmly believe that their customer comes first and want to ensure they are taken care of. About the Flagship Product, The Quick, Click & Carry Holster The Quick, Click, & Carry Holster is the flagship product of JM4 Tactical.  The Quick, Click, & Carry is made in Texas by American hands and not machines providing you with a top-quality product that can’t be beat.  In addition to the impeccable workmanship of this product, it is made with only top of the line materials that are safe for your firearm.  Originally the Quick, Click, & Carry was only available in the basic tan and was treated with a hot olive oil that protects the leather for years to come.  Though still treated with hot olive oil, the Quick, Click, & Carry is now available in additional colors that start as the veg tanned leather and are hand dyed with top quality dyes free of chrome salt to protect the bluing of your handgun.  In addition to the top-quality workmanship, materials, and customer service – you get an innovative magnetic design that allows you the ability to carry comfortably no matter what type of clothing you wear without the hassle of belts or clips that damage clothing.  The magnetic strap along with the magnetic retention lets you have the peace of mind that your gun will stay put until you need it.  The Quick, Click, & Carry is definitely changing the way you carry.
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