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Addiction in the Family
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Addiction in a family is one of the most difficult experiences a human has to go through' no matter if you are using it, being used up by it or loving someone that is.  There is help. Learn all you can then practice.  
Barbara Waskey
James Torgerson
The Cowboy Yogi
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This page is the home of Author, Psychotherapist and Consultant Emmanuel S. John.  Posts will cover a full spectrum of mental health and spiritually based insights as well some straight shooting truths.  All religions, cultures and beleifs are welcomed and encouraged.   
Carrie StillSmiling
Tammy Patriot
The Pacification of Humanity
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Our society is degrading morally. Social discord and violence are on the rise. We have become too sensitive to the beliefs of others. People are no longer taking personal responsibility. Relationships are increasingly more problematic. People seem unreasonable and unrealistic. Feelings of victimization are on the rise. The sense of entitlement is increasing. National leaders are dysfunctional. Educators have become deceitful indoctrinators. History is systematically being revised. Federal and State governments operate on flawed ideologies, false narratives, distractions and lies. Ideological polarization, emotionality and the politics of division have lead to hatred and violence. Technology is interfering with reason. The media has failed in its 1st Amendment duty as the people’s watch dog against corruption.
Advax Heleral
Alan Tucker
Cindy Rushton
Christian Writer, Speaker, Podcaster at The Cindy Rushton Show, Life/Business/Ministry Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Actress, Empty-nester/Mimi/Army Mom, RVer, sweet-tea Addict, God-crazy! Connect:
Cindy Rushton
Adam Richards
Amber Davis
Lisa Metzger / Metzger Nation
Attempting to turn the world upside-down, one post at a time (Acts 17:6)! Love Jesus. Devoted Wife. Large Family/2nd Generation Homeschool Mom. 14 kids+3 Grands. Sidewalk Counselor. Activist. Naturopath/CAHP Student.
Lisa Metzger
Adam Richards
Lil’ Bz Rocks
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Welcome to my lil’ page. Thank you for being here and liking, requesting or just looking at my rocks. They really bring me so much joy just looking at them.  Many ask how long I’ve been doing this and it’s only been since April of 2018. I didn’t paint much in 2019 and 2020 as I was building my beauty biz and dealing with other things.  I really had no clue I could paint, let alone on rocks until a tragedy happened. My son was violently attacked in Clarksville, TN at the end of March and it was touch and go for 3 days in trauma and then a few days in ICU. He had two inches of blood on his brain and we were an hour away from losing him, the Neurologist said. That changed something within me. I was sleeping on the trauma floor, not literally, of Vandy for a few days when my bonus mom painted me an angel on a rock. I had no clue that others did this too. I just thought it was so special. When my son was released with a TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury and over 50 staples in his head, we went to my dad’s and bonus mom’s home for me to be able to sleep for a few days before I went back to Elizabethtown. On her table were paint pens and rocks. I sat down and realized that it was great therapy for the emotional turmoil I had been through. I fought depression & anxiety after this attack and when I got home I went out and bought acrylic paint, .50 Apple barrel paint from Walmart and two brushes. I went to streams but couldn’t find many rocks here so I bought a bag at Home Depot. The rest is the efforts of my new found art.  I no longer have depression and I enjoy making art for others. I still hide my rocks in parks or on walking paths and sell them to those who request. It brings so much joy to watch my grown children and granddaughter hide rocks with me out of their busy schedule. For my granddaughter to now have her own “rock purse” (which all you mom’s and “Nana’s” out there with little ones, if they need a place for their collection or rocks they want to hide, to put in, can customize and order, just message me).  This painting therapy has allowed me to meet so many of you and hear your stories and allow me to paint what you would like or just surprise you with a rock. So thank you for being here, for supporting my page and following me at the park to get my rocks. 😂.  I love doing this and look forward to painting more. ❤️ Thea (pronounced Tia)
Thea Byrnes
Advax Heleral