Florida Firearms Coalition
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Who are we? We are a small but growing group of Floridians (and a few outside the state who still call Florida their state) who wanted to make a real difference and at the same time be inclusive of ALL who wanted to help. Everyone can make a difference, everyone can help to educate others on the real issues and facts involved in this very hot topic. EVERY member is important and able to make a difference. This group is not any one person or small group of people! We are the MILLIONS of Florida Gun owners and concealed carriers. "NONE of our posts or comments are a legal opinion and shouldn't be treated as such. For an official legal opinion, please seek the same from an admitted Florida attorney."
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Animal Lives Matter, the Original
Because they bring us joy and are at our mercy, because they teach us kindness, compassion and understanding, because they are voiceless and wish us no harm, because they are our companions, we will never stop being their voice.   Help us create a kinder world because Animal Lives Matter! Feel free to post pictures/videos of your own furbabies!
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sparkalious designs
Diamond painting is a therapeutic hobby that can reduce your anxiety and stress. It is a craft similar to cross stitch and paint by numbers where you place a color coded diamond drill on the pattern of a sticky canvas... it's DIY arts and crafts...
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