Duck Duck Jeep
If You're a Jeep enthusiast please buy a half dozen small rubber ducks or not attach a tag directing to this page. Find a Jeep that you like where ever you are and place it on the driver's door handle. If you find a duck on your door handle please post a picture of your duck and your Jeep telling what state or province you're from. Let's see some Jeeps from around North America or even the world. Have Fun Folks
Robert Campbell
Matthew Christian Pepple
Matthew Keller
United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition
Welcome to the United States Minutemen - American Patriots Coalition... the original ' Homeland Security ' Forces of the United States of America ! ALWAYS PROTECT OPERATION SECURITY ( OPSEC ), ESPECIALLY ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET AND OPEN FORUMS. Meeting should also consider the presence of personal communication equipment and the many ways those devices can be used for tracking and tracing and as covert listening and viewing devices... ( consider using shielding / Faraday devices / Faraday pouches and containers, etc.. to protect your information if in those situations and having your meetings in the basements with no windows if it is that important to your situations ) MULTIPLE NETWORKING STRATEGIES ( Human resources and electronic /paper /' pony express delivery ' ) WILL PLAY AS AN IMPORTANT ASSET IN YOUR SURVIVAL AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS. We have no rules against members in other associations, militias ( except Islamic terrorist and domestic terrorist organizations that are against our Nation, Our Constitution and our Bill of Right / Amendments ) and welcome the members of our military branches, Oath Keepers, Watchmen, Cajun Navy, American Legion, Veterans and other defenders of our country and way of life. Our location on MeWe has a decent file system and we will keep our original set of spread sheets updated with all the locations on the web and also other important facts like radio types and frequencies, the latest CHIRP programming for the versatile personal ham and family radios, Connections to ZELLO ( a walkie-talkie app for your phones, PCs and other android, iphone and tablets with many types of groups including the Cajun Navy for emergencies ) along with any other important or interesting links we may find. Members are encouraged to add to our knowledge base and can add their own sheets or use the structure for their own purposes since it has the complete set of states with every county and the US territories.
Robert Gamble
Advax Heleral
Angela McElroy
USA.Life Social Network
USA.Life social network is the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty. USA.Life is the Christian Facebook alternative and the conservative Facebook alternative. www.USA.Life gives you freedom, privacy and real news. Join now!
Alexander Armstrong
WeGo.Social - UNLEASH Your Voice
UNLEASH Your Voice. WG1WGA's mission is to rescue social media from the evil bad guys by building a dope blockchain, community moderated, social network to save the world. Features: • TheyGo1TheyGoAll No more algorithms that wipe posts from view without merit. Our unique ‘TG1TGA’ anti-troll feature puts power in the hands of you, the people. • Points Profile Content creators and users earn points and share in the advertising revenue spread across all points on the network. • Multiple Domains Full control! Create or join other social networks using WG1WGA’s front end blockchain template with a click of your mouse. • Pro Memberships Upgrade to our Pro version to gain a larger following. Free plan available. No matter the plan you’ll get your message out! • OWN your Profile It's the content creators and users that make a social network succeed. The big networks have been taking advantage of this for too long. Add in censorship and you have a recipe for disaster. WG1WGA will share advertising revenue across all earned ‘points’ holders throughout our network. You will earn points by providing and interacting with content just like you do now. WG1WGA will remain FREE and no data will ever be shared or sold, plus you can always opt out of advertising if you wish. • Community Moderation Trolls? Nope! The days of trolls ruining the social media experience has come to an end. Our TG1TGA feature, short for TheyGo1TheyGoAll, is our ultimate tool to fight this. If a troll decides not to act accordingly our community of patriot users can give them a TG1TGA with the click of their mouse. Get too many TG1TGA’s and the troll is suspended from the site for a period of time while also losing points, giving the power to you, the people. Patriot admins on the backend monitor how TG1TGA's are used to prevent abuse but remember numbers matter so no single person can make the decision to suspend a user. • Duel/Dual Censorship Fight Blockchain? Yup! Combating censorship involves much more than having a 'Free Speech' website. Censorship can come from Google, Amazon, the Government, ISP and reach as high up as ICANN which can ban your domain. To fight this, we are developing 'Duel' blockchains, one for social data and one for points. Both are decentralized making it difficult to target one domain while protecting points. The 'Dual' part of this is a legal one. So how can we monitor censorship from a higher level? We setup part of our infrastructure to use the networks of high-profile providers and we will be working closely with to report any censorship issues a domain or user may experience. • Start your own Social Nework Be a part of our social blockchain by using our front-end template. Easy to setup and easy to use. Our users will have instant access to your domain to get you up and running fast. Earn money by running your own 'Pro' memberships for your Social Network and decide what to do with your revenue. Want to start slow? Create a 'group' within our domain and expand to your own domain as it grows.
Jerad Bailey
Barbara Stiles
Johan Thomas McElroy