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Welcome to Our Page! We specialize in Soicial Media Advertising creating custom made Ads, Videos, Fliers, Post, Logos and more! Visit Us on Facebook at - Jeffrey Gray - Video Productions ----- or ----- at
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NorthWest Chassis Service
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We are a small family own and operated automotive shop in Spring, TX.  We been in business  since 1978 at the same location. What we do: Front & rear wheel alignments, Suspension work, Frame repair. Vehicles we work on: up ot 1 ton, lifted, lowered, factory, small box trucks and vans, small motor homes under 1ton, T-Rex, sudans, SUVs, trucks, vans, etc... Forgein and domestic and classic vehicles. We are open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.   Phone: 281-440-0107
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Dive Heroes
Mission:  “Heal Veterans and First Responders suffering from service-related PTSD via adaptive (amputated/paralyzed limb or spinal cord injury), recreational and marine conservation diving.”   CORE VALUES: Committed: We will not be deterred in healing our fellow Veterans and First Responders suffering from service-related PTSD from mental or physical injuries via adaptive (amputated/paralyzed limb or spinal cord injury), recreational and marine conservation diving. Supportive: You will NOT suffer alone anymore! We will be there for you in person or via technological means to help you through the dark times. Family: The moment you took your oath of service, you became Family; you are seen as Brothers and Sisters, we will pray for you, worry about you, and love you unconditionally. Eco-Conscious: The ocean ecosystem is critically endangered due to pollution and global warming. We will take our oath to “Support and Defend / Protect and Serve” and apply it to the mission of saving this critical ecosystem.
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Dream Entertainment NC
Hello fellow patriots, so happy to join this new site, maybe here we can live freely! Dream Entertainment (formerly known as Bensjammin DJ) is known for being a highly entertaining professional wedding DJ. We keep your event fun, energetic and offers couples a plethora of entertainment packages, all of which are customizable to suit their specific needs. Dream Entertainment offers couples a vast, genre-spanning repertoire, including: Country, Hip-hop, Electronic, Rock, Oldies, Soul, and everything in between. No matter what your musical preferences are, we will move your guests from their seats, and send them straight to the dancefloor. If you would like more information please click the link below! Click here to request more info Serving all of Eastern NC! USMC Veteran owned and operated
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