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Новости и заметки о жизни в Калгари, Альберте и Канаде на русском языке. Для русскоязычных иммигрантов чтобы помочь им лучше ориентироваться в новух условиях и легче интегрироваится в канадскую (альбертийскую) жизнь и лучше принимать решения а также делать свой отдавать свой шолос на выборах за действительно достойных людей.  News and articles about events and life in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada on the Russian language. For people from the Russian community to help them better understand what going on around them and get the essential information to make a decision on election.
Oleksandr Taranenko
Dick DeJong
Jo Rae Perkins for US Senate, Oregon
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Jo Rae Perkins is a filed for 2022, US Senate. She was the 2020 GOP nominee for the US Senate. Jo Rae is a strict Originalist and believes very strongley the Original US Constitution for the United States of America means exactly what it says. When there are aquestions, then we must refer to founding documents and writings from the Framers. Jo Rae married her high school sweetheart George in 1978. Their 2 adult children are married, their combined blended families, Jo Rae and George are blessed with 14 grandchildren. They have very old cat named Kiki. George's 94 yo mother also lives with them.  Jo Rae is licensed to sell property & casuality insurance, which she does on a part-time basis. She also makes affordable jewelry, Jewelry By JP. You can see her creations currently listed on FB.  To learn more about Jo Rae Perkins, her website is https://www.PerkinsFoUSSenate.Vote
Jo Rae Perkins
Matthew Keller
Star 48
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Welcome to the Star 48 page! Arizona's independent source for news, information and general entertainment (depending on who's in office). You can find our past content on some of our other platform pages such as and
Angela McConville
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