Maine Hunters TV
A filming team of real hunting in the woods of New England, Maine Hunters TV Show now on Roku in the Channel Store under the New England Outback Network WE HUNT NEW ENGLAND! Our motto is to present the New England hunting perspective to our viewers as real as we can! We won't use fancy editing or fake footage to depict our hunting experiences. We use real footage and even use some of the shaky stuff too so our viewers can enjoy along with us as if it were in your own backyard! Definition of a Maine Hunter: Any person that fully enjoys the pursuit of his or her intended species with the end results being an accomplished and happy hunter regardless of sex, weights, bag limits or protruding extremities! Steve Beckwith - Maine Hunter is now 3 generations deep of family and friends filming hunting & fishing between juggling kids, life commitments, and working their regular jobs! We film real hunting adventures, the ups and downs of success and the ones that get away too, we try to capture what hunting in New England is all about, without all the glitz and theatrics of special effects and creative video editing. We do not create episodes from previous hunts to make our episodes more exciting or dub in kills that are not the actual animals, like many others do! We have almost 20 folks on staff now and you never know who will be staring in our next episode... It could be you! has now moved from producing DVD's, that we sold on our website and locally in sporting good stores to the all new world of steaming TV, watched coast to coast on the outdoor industries fast moving world of Roku Television! Watch all our shows and episodes for FREE on Roku right in your living room on your TV set! With over 25,000 Downloads each month. Find us in the Channel Store under the New England Outback Productions Channel! ATTENTION North Eastern Production Teams: If you are a production team like us!? Looking for an inexpensive way to get your shows on Roku... Sign up at and get your show on their channel along side of ours! Support the New England Hunting teams and start making money on what we all do, instead of giving all your hard earned money to narrow targeted outdoor networks on conventional TV networks! Don't be left behind..Get Your Show On!   Pro-Staff - Steve Beckwith, David Sprague, Tom Thibeault, Jeffrey T. Doyle. and Edward Jellison, Russell Beckwith, Cameron Thibeault, Chris McLaughlin and Kevin Day, Also on Staff: Tatiana Whitlock