The Little Chateau in the Woods
Because I come from French heritage, French culture and decor have always fascinated me.  During quarantine 2020, my sister Carla introduced me to the youtube series "Escape to the Chateau" and "The Chateau Diaries," which are day to day chronicles of different British families who each bought derelict French chateaus in the countryside, which saved me from many an evening of boredom.  They also inspired me to chronicle the daily life here, in the middle of a double-digit acreage of woods on the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border, as we live the dream of transforming our own "little house in the woods," a modest one story ranch style home, into our version of a French chateau, complete with growing our own food, adding French inspired touches of decor, thrift store shopping, and more.  I hope you enjoy taking the journey along with us. The word "chateau" means "castle."  While my little house will never have turrets or a grand staircase like a traditional castle, I'm looking instead to the old adage that "a man's HOME is his CASTLE."  What makes a castle?  Whatever makes a home!  What makes it a French Chateau?  Two things: 1.  Attitude.  If YOU feel your home can be a French chateau, then YOU can make it so! 2.  Details.  There are French and French-inspired things all around that can help you achieve your goal.  I'll be sharing my finds with you along the way to inspire you to find yours!
Sandi Queen
Kristien Teer
The French Country Home
I've always loved the French Country style of decorating and all things French! This group is for those of us who love this style of decorating to indulge by sharing pictures, ideas, and great finds that fit into this style.  Feel free to share your tips, pictures (no affiliate links, please), favorite shops (and locations!), and so on.