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This group is for owners of the Doberman, the very best dog breed in the world.  To state it in simple terms, those who do not own a Doberman are losing out on the experience with the best dog breed in the world.   More information to come soon.
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K-911 is a program that I am in the process of developing. K-911 will provide multiple services, some of which will include personal training assistance, K-9 First Aid resources, K-9 Lost Pet services and databases, specific and special services as would be necessary for Police, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue etc., behaviorial modification assistance and much more.  Future services I would like to implement are training videos from beginner to advanced, reference services and product offerings for sale. As I continue to build K-911, I will add the additional information as it becomes available or active.  Additional information will be coming soon.  Thank you. Scott A. Morrison K-911
Scott A Morrison
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Share you photos and videos of your dogs being silly, sleeping or just being themselves
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Welcome to East Texas Pets.  Here, you can look for your lost animal, attempt to locate the owner of a found animal, and rehome your pets.   Rules: 1.  Each post must include price or free, location and information about the pet.  Please do your very best to provide a picture. 2.  Steps must be taken to find the owner of a lost animal before attempting to rehome it. 3.  Be kind to one another.  If you don't have something nice to say, then please keep your comments to yourself. 4.  No flipping animals.  Flipping animals is to collect animals for free or cheap and then to merely sell them at a profit.  Because we want to promote safety for pets and people, flippers will be exposed as will those who are a danger to pets or people. 5.  No rescues will be allowed to collect animals unless that rescue is approved by group admin and then the rescue must allow ANY animal to be posted for 7 days prior to offerning rescue unless rescue is asked for. 6.  Rescues will be welcomed to post their animals.  Rescues don't have to be 501C3, but if you call yourself a rescue, you are expected to fully vet every animal before placement or in special circumstances, to require a contract that requires vetting.  All rescues will be expected to have any owner surrenders sign an owner surrender form.  No taking animals under false pretense. 7.  Please help us promote safety for pets and people.  Pet service posts are welcome as long as you include where the service is located and price when applicable. Posts of low cost spay/neuter is desired.   8.  No propaganda posts.  No fear mongering posts.  Factual informational posts are more than welcome. 9.  No funding posts allowed without permission.      
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