Essential Oil Education
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Thank you for stopping by to say hi and join us as we learn about essential oils. doTERRA Essential Oils offer so much goodness, and I love to share them. If you're new to oils, this is a great place to be!! Feel free to ask questions, have fun as we experiment with DIY's, and join in the discussions. Our fellow oily friends will be glad to share their experiences and their testimonies. Come back often!! 
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Essential Oils for Wellness
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What can essential oils do for YOU? This group was created by doTERRA Wellness Advocate and leader, Dr. Sandi Queen, ND, to educate others about doTERRA essential oils, how to use them, and how they can benefit your family.  For more info, check out
Sandi Queen
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God’s Scents
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Safe & Effective Natural Health with doTerra Essential Oils -- whole foods and other natural remedies.
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Created To Be Whole
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This group is a resource page for all things health related! Have health issues?! So many people battle health problems and instead of getting to the root of the problem, we are given medications to cover the symptoms. Our bodies were designed by our Creator God to function at a normal that most of us have forgotten exists. We were CREATED TO BE WHOLE, and it's time to realize that we can get back to that state if we are willing to make the necessary changes. Blood sugar regulation, inflammation, gut health and hormones play a HUGE role in how our body functions. In this group you will learn about these root issues and how many of us found a solution naturally! Do you feel good already and want to be preventative with your health? GREAT! You’ll learn about that too! Join us in getting back to experiencing the health that we were designed to experience! ❤️ ⭐️AUTO IMMUNE DISORDERS ⭐️THYROID DISORDERS ⭐️WEIGHT ISSUES ⭐️SLEEP ISSUES ⭐️PAIN ⭐️NERVE DAMAGE ⭐️BRAIN FOG ⭐️UNEXPLAINED SYMPTOMS Feel free to ask questions, add friends to the group or just watch and learn!
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Sleep Apnea Support Group
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Please join our group if you suffer from a sleep disorder and would like to meet people going thru the same. Looking for advise? you are not alone. Millions of people around the world suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy etc. We need individuals that wants to help someone with advise and support. If you can spare a few minutes it could mean a life! :-)  
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Team Queen  - Wellness Advocates on the Way to Diamond
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This group is for those in the downline of doTERRA leader Dr. Sandi Queen, ND, to help educate team members in how to use the products, how to get the best pricing, DIY's, how to start and grow their doTERRA businesses, and more.  Feel free to add  your enrollees to this group, but please do not add people who are not on our team.
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