Noizylinks Deals and Steals Group
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Noizylinks Deals and Steals Group is an exclusive group that provides its members with the best deals possible on premium products. Each day we offer our members incredible discounted deals and offers meaning you get the chance at a wide variety of great products ultimately saving you tons of money. These offers are HIGHLY discounted with prices marked down between 50% off all the way to FREE! The best part is Noizylinks Deals and Steals Group is a completely free service. Why not at the least give it a shot? You and your wallet will be glad you did. Please like and share with your friends and family to help our group grow!!!! FTC Disclosure: Noizylinks is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to them.
Teresa Lunfy
Jude Jason
Patti Jensen
North Texas Barter
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This is a face to face barter group located in the north Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) area. Please post only legal items in which you would like to barter / trade. Please only those 21 years old or older post in this group., the admins of this page, and the individual members of this group are NOT responsible for the actions of others that use this group.
William Dawes
BJ Gober
Bobby Eves Jr
Purrfect Mani with Shannon Leigh
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Welcome to Purrfect Mani with Shannon Leigh!  This group is all about the amazing world of Color Street.  If you love having awesome nails but don't have the time, your salon is closed, or can't afford it at any given time, then Color Street is the way to go! No Mess....No Dry Time....MADE IN THE USA....Cruelty Free!
Shannon Leigh Walker
Dawn Entel
Jennifer Hunter
Jillian Arrington
Coach Crush Closet
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Welcome to Coach Crush Closet, here you will find all things Coach. I pride myself on ? honesty and integrity?, all items are listed in great detail honestly, I will never hide flaws. All bags are ?professionally cleaned? inside and out, not wiped, scrubbed. All bags are guaranteed AUTHENTIC and as described?. Please don't hesitate to contact me for additional information or photographs. Thank you and welcome to my group!
South Florida Buy/Sell/Trade
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This group is so people can buy/sell/trade their items. Preferably in the South Florida area., admins, admins of SFB/S/T are not responsible for peoples actions or products that are members (buyer or sellers) of this group. Please do your due diligence and be safe! No Commercial advertising, no multiple listings of the same item (if an item is listed and is old please delete the original listing). All listings must contain price and location! If it does not then the listing will be removed. No and I repeat NO bashing of someones item. Sellers please do your due diligence and price your items fairly and reasonably. No pornagraphy of any kind. Godbless