Calvinism Defended Against All
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This is a theology and apologetics group for defending the Christian faith and the special revelation of God in the Holy Scriptures. The 1647 Westminster Standards are the primary doctrinal confession of faith along with the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith and the Three Forms of Unity.  I do a blog at
Grace Point at Eagle Heights Church
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Our Mission Our mission is to be the Church. We are to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. Our church is to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all the nations by means of missionary activity and support, to minister the ordinances, to edify believers, and to do all that is sovereignly possible and Biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus. Simply put: We are to make DISCIPLES.   What’s Different About Grace Point @ Eagle Heights? Grace Point at Eagle Heights (GPEH) is above all Christ centered – “We proclaim Him” (Col. 1:28). GPEH is a Bible Believing Church that is firmly rooted in a commitment to the fundamental distinctives of the Christian faith. We strive to be Bible focused and Christ centered in all we do. For this reason God’s Word is uppermost in our worship. We are committed to the expository unfolding of the Word of God. God’s Word takes precedence in our church over all other forms of authority. At GPEH the Word of God is preeminent over all things. We believe the church’s health depends on our consistent pursuit of Biblical knowledge and living. Evangelism is also central to the life of GPEH. We have a passion to see souls brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord of glory. Our worship style is a combination of both contemporary and traditional worship. We worship because of the marvelous truths about who God is and what He has done through Jesus Christ for His people. We desire our worship to be genuine, passionate, and heartfelt. We desire for our worship to be God centered not man centered. We sing songs because they glorify God, not simply because we like them. Therefore, every song undergoes a Biblical litmus test so that we sing only that which we believe is truly reflected in Scripture. We believe the older children at GPEH should be in corporate worship and hear the preaching of God’s Word. Men, women, boys, & girls of all ages benefit from hearing the Word of God and exalting God through song… together. Our church is committed to giving at least 20% to missions. We support a variety of works in places nearby and abroad, like Sudan, Kenya, Russia, Mexico, and more. We help send at least one mission team out every year to do short-term mission work. We believe in the Great Commission and our responsibility to take the gospel to every creature.   Sola Scriptura: The Scripture Alone is the Standard Sola Gratia: Salvation by Grace Alone Sola Fide: Justification by Faith Alone Solo Christo! By Christ’s Work Alone are We Saved Soli Deo Gloria! For the Glory of God Alone
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