Homesteading and Prepping:  Beginners Welcome
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Preparing for unknown times through homesteading and thoughtful preparedness is important.  Welcome to those who are new to the thought of being prepared.   Welcome to those who are new to the idea of homesteading.  Welcome to those who are experienced with homesteading and being prepared for uncertain times.  
Amy Seelbach
Prepper short term survival basics
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In this group, I want to cover basic survival needs to prepare Patriots in the event that SHTF and we have to grab our B.O.B.s and get out of town. Shelter Water Food There are other considerations and subsections that we'll cover in group 2.0, but here, I want to focus on basic survival, making sure you can weather the elements. A lot of what I'll post here is based on personal experience.
Dave Rohn
Angela Purifoy
Homesteading and Prepping for Women ONLY
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This group is for women only.  A woman is defined as someone who was born with XX chromosomes.  Here, women can talk about things that are excusive to women without having to worry.  If you are new to homesteading and/ or prepping, we are welcome here.  If you have been at it a long time, please come prepared to teach and learn.  This group is for topics related to how to homestead or prepare.  Women of faith and women not of faith are welcome.  Please remember, part of homesteading, for many of us, involves butchering your own animals.  If you object to seeing the butcher process, then this may not be the group for you.   Group rules. 1.  Women, define above, ONLY.   2.  Be kind to one another.  If you disagree, unless what you have to say is constructive, keep your opinion to yourself.  Absolutely no belittling, bullying or anything of that nature will be allowed. 3.  No spam, clickbaiting or trolling. 4. No sales. 5.  Even though politics is a hot topic, it does not have a place in this group.  If you would like to make a post that might be of some political nature, please PM admin with the topic. 6.  No funding, begging or petitions. 7.  No blocking admin. 8.  No blind links. Please feel free to post pictures or videos of the homesteading or prepping lifestyle.  Open discussion is desired.  Please do not suggest wasp spray as a self protection.  Ladies, enjoy yourselves.  You may make lifelong friends here.    
East Texas Homesteading and Preparing
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Welcome to East Texas Homesteading and Preparing.  We are glad to have you here.  This group is for those who are new to homesteading or who have been homesteading for a long time.  Here you are welcome to sit down, take your shoes off and make yourself at home while we share knowledge of homesteading and preparing for things that are unforseen.   This is not a political group. This is not a doomsday group. This is a group for people who want to be ready for natural disasters, power grid down or just living in general.  We are here to share experiences and ideas on how to make the homestead a way of life and how to store what you grow or find.  We encourage people to learn about food that grows locally without having to plant it.  We encourage people to learn different methods of preserving food and so much more.  The use of herbs and natural things are encouraged.