North Carolina Ham Radio
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A group for ham operators in North Carolina and Southern Virginia. Buy, sell, and trade anything ham related. Post news or upcoming hamfests. 
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Proving Ground Tactical is based in Cleveland, TN and North Georgia. With a staff of 3 NRA Instructors and Chief Range Safety Officers. We can help with your firearms training needs. We specialize in small classes. From individual to small groups of no more than 20. Basic firearms safety, NRA Basic Pistol courses, NRA Range Safety Officer courses. We Do Not Offer Concealed Carry Safety Courses for Permits. Advanced courses are available from self-defense Pistol to small unit tactics and CQB. Communication plans, radio program help, Shoot Move and Communicate. We have a ladies only section Proving Ground Girls. Visit us at Check out our shooters line of clothing
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Games and Miniature Painting
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This group is for RPG, tabletop wargamers and miniature hobbyist. Share stories, info, foam modeling projects, miniature painting pics/tips, and other game related stuff. Rules:1) No political discussions or comments. This group is for fun and learning only. 2) Adult language is ok. 3) Try to keep on subject if specific questions are asked. 4) Discussions about out of print games are welcome. 5) I am sure I will add to this later as problems emerge.
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This group will help you recognize all the different ways you can participate as a Ham, whether it’s DXing, contesting, fox hunting, moonbounce, VHF/UHF, QRP, satellites, or any of the other activities that Hams pursue. Being part this group will also give you the motivation to move through the license classes to become a General or even Amateur Extra, opening up the broadest operating privileges available across the bands. This group is also looking for Elmers: Jumping into the Amateur Radio hobby without a mentor can be like diving into deep water without a life preserver. For many new Hams, the difference between sinking to the bottom and blissfully floating along is the wise guidance of an Elmer. Joining this group will hopefully gives you access to not just one, but a group of Elmers—experienced operators who can help you get off on the right foot. “Rules of engagement” when you join this community. When you’re ready to participate, introduce yourself first. Just like you would when meeting people in a “real” setting. Avoid using profanity or offensive language. Keep it clean! When addressing someone in the chat, use their screen name. Chats move quickly and it can be difficult to catch the conversation if you’re not clear. Avoid direct confrontations with abusive users. If a chat host is available, alert them of the abusive chatter, but don’t engage them. Welcome all newcomers that enter the chat room. Remember when you were a “newbie”?
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Tech Talk
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A place where one can talk about computers, smartphones, Androids, iPhones, what works best for each other, whether you like PC or MAC, new tech stuff out there, the conversations are endless. All user levels welcome.