Beautiful Hearts
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Welcome to Serenity... Where No one is Judged, Demeaned or Bullied... Welcoming Positive Talks, Comments, Poems... Peace, Love and Prayers for All...  Feel Free to post prayers if needed, Advise if wanted, Great News to share or just feel the love of the Beautiful Hearts that are still in our world!  Please join and share for everyone to enjoy!  Have a Blessed Day!
Christian Women Survivors of Abuse in Marriage
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This group is for Christian women who have escaped abusive marriages and are healing and on their way to thriving, and living freely whole! to be all God has made us to be in Jesus! (but still dealing with the fall out.) *Abuse includes much more than physical violence, including covert emotional/psychological, verbal, financial, and sexual abuse, including infidelity. 
State of Jefferson
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WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL STATE OF JEFFERSON FREEDOM LAKE GROUP PAGE About This Group RULES FOR THE STATE OF JEFFERSON FL GROUP: The primary focus of this group is to discuss and promote the State of Jefferson Movement (in Northern California and possibly southern Oregon). A secondary focus is the sharing of pictures related the the beauty of the region of Northern California and Southern Oregon known as the State of Jefferson and to promote regional festivals and events in the State of Jefferson. As the group grows, it’s important to keep posts on topic and respectful. Therefore, the following rules are established: Post should be limited to the following: - Discussion and questions related to the State of Jefferson movement. This includes announcements of events related to the movement and updates of the progress. It also includes questions/discussion related to the process of forming the 51st state. - Pictures of State of Jefferson gear/flag sightings - Pictures of the beauty of the State of Jefferson - Information about large regional events and festivals in the State of Jefferson The following should NOT be posted: - Items for sale (exceptions are items directly labeled State of Jefferson) - Business advertisements (exceptions are businesses displaying and/or selling State of Jefferson gear/signs) - Political posts related to a specific politician or candidate unless the post is related to that individuals public support or public opposition of the State of Jefferson - Political posts related to a specific party or group (exception is the State of Jefferson Declaration Committee) - Political posts about issues that are not directly related to the State of Jefferson (exception is proposed laws in CA or OR that fuel the cause for separation and posts about separation efforts in other states/countries) The following will NOT be tolerated: - Inappropriate language, pictures, or links. Keep it PG. - Personal attacks and name calling of other members - Blocking admins - Publicly discussing actions taken by admins (removing posts/users). If you have an issue with a decision, use PMs. Posts that violate these rules can be DELETED by an admin without notification to the poster. Multiple violations, or SEVERE violations may get you kicked out or banned. These rules can and will be reviewed periodically by the Admins, or at the request of members and may be modified. At which time all members are to review and abide by them. Please report posts that violate these rules using the "Report to Admin" option in the little arrow in the upper right of a post.
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Tubie tips and tricks
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Welcome tubie friends If you have a business that sells tubie related items feel free to share your website, group/page on Mondays In the tubie world life can be a challenge and not one thing works for all. I wanted to create this page for ALL tubies young and old. Share what meals you get, share what you do to get through an emergency and you have forgot something crucial and you had to adapt. Just share share share Be nice, no judging, no sales Except on Mondays you can post your business page only if it is tubie related and it must be handmade items. For those that keep ignoring this will be deleted without notice. If you invite and add friends to the group, please remind them they must answer the questions. Have fun Thank you glad you are here
Linette Whiteman