Beautiful Hearts
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Welcome to Serenity... Where No one is Judged, Demeaned or Bullied... Welcoming Positive Talks, Comments, Poems... Peace, Love and Prayers for All...  Feel Free to post prayers if needed, Advise if wanted, Great News to share or just feel the love of the Beautiful Hearts that are still in our world!  Please join and share for everyone to enjoy!  Have a Blessed Day!
Christian Women Survivors of Abuse in Marriage
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This group is for Christian women who have escaped abusive marriages and are healing and on their way to thriving, and living freely whole! to be all God has made us to be in Jesus! (but still dealing with the fall out.) *Abuse includes much more than physical violence, including covert emotional/psychological, verbal, financial, and sexual abuse, including infidelity. 
Tubie tips and tricks
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Welcome tubie friends If you have a business that sells tubie related items feel free to share your website, group/page on Mondays In the tubie world life can be a challenge and not one thing works for all. I wanted to create this page for ALL tubies young and old. Share what meals you get, share what you do to get through an emergency and you have forgot something crucial and you had to adapt. Just share share share Be nice, no judging, no sales Except on Mondays you can post your business page only if it is tubie related and it must be handmade items. For those that keep ignoring this will be deleted without notice. If you invite and add friends to the group, please remind them they must answer the questions. Have fun Thank you glad you are here
Linette Whiteman
Health* Freedom* Community
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What we need are people getting out from behind their keyboards and establishing new connections in our communities. We need to gather like minds and educate on all the ways we can improve health that we aren't being taught and doctors haven't learned. We need to learn about our rights and work together to keep our freedoms and we need to keep hugging and interacting with people in our communities. Human connection is so important and we must develop it! People are literally starving for interaction and mental health is on the decline. Let's do something about it.  We'll be starting this in the outskirts of Tucson. I'm working on getting my truck and trailer ready to roll so this can become a reality.  Please think about this in your community and I'm happy to help with ideas and any way we can support each other.