Indiana Yellow Jackets
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First mustered and established in Harrison County, Indiana, on 09 NOV 1811. Served in the Battle of Tippacanoe, Black Hawk War, and the War of 1812 and disbanding in 1815. Reorganized in 2013 and currently commanded by Colonel Brienzi of Harrison County, Indiana.
Dominick Brienzi
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A place were anyone in San Antonio, Texas and it's surrounding communities can discuss anything openly and honestly. No holds bared. So speak and just say what's on your mind and how you truly feel about a subject.
Cold War Veterans Patriot Group
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Cold War Veterans Group is for US military Vets who served during the Cold War. (1945-1991) We took an oath to the Constitution, and to defend it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. We did not swear an oath to a party, a government, or an individual. We swore an oath to obey all LAWFUL orders, if they are not lawful for us vets, then we must repudiate them. We are grown ups, brothers and sisters in arms, thus we have a unique perspective on the Constitution, Faith, and family that the average Joe has NO IDEA about. We Swore an enduring oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. For the most part we know there really are no atheists in foxholes, and we know how important family really is because we were away from blood so often and our brothers and sisters in arms were surrogates when we were away. This site is self regulating, meaning we do respect each other, FOR THE MOST PART, and if you have a problem with a post, contact the person who posted it, work it out, and if you can't come to an agreement, then come to the admins. We are all adults. If you contact someone, both parties need to keep it respectful. Politics ARE discussed here, it is what our founders did. No Porn, pin ups ok. If you don't like these rules, you know what to do. Encouraged-----If you have been successful in getting your rightful benefits, please consider posting info on that every once in a while, some of our brothers and sisters have not been instructed in how to apply. Thanks for serving, for sacrificing years and limbs.
Ray Brown
David Cain
Jose R Valentin Jr
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This group is for former members of the 4/11th ACR, Sickels Army Air Field in Fulda Germany for the purposes of reuniting, sharing of comraderie memories among members, photos and stories etc.  This group is ONLY for the military members of the unit and you will be asked to verify your information. This group is free speech and not censored.  There are a few simple rules that are to be expected - NO POLITICAL TALK or posts and be courteous to others. This group is to be the same as the assbook group. Additional information coming soon. Thank you and Allons! Scott A. Morrison Q-Troop, Cobra Crew Chief 1990 - 1992
Scott A Morrison
Jose R Valentin Jr
Central Texas Patriots
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This Group is for all Central Texas Patriots. United we stand,  divided we fall. Exactly  why the Left is trying so hard to divide us all. We may come from different walks of life and have different opinions, but when it comes to our keeping our freedom in this Country, we must remain United to succeed.