American Trappers
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A trapping group for all of you drifting in here from other social media sites.   RULES: I hope not to have many, so y'all just place nice.
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Pete Billings
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All Posts Welcome, Gun and Gun Related, not necessarily listings, no Politics other than 2A. Listings here by the Group Owner are for the benefit of the member/poster, and not necessarily someone from FYI: It is super easy to post your listings here, just Copy/Paste your listing page link to a New Post here!  
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Texarkana Gun Club
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Texarkana Gun Club is located near Texarkana Texas, and is an outdoor shooting range, consisting of pistol bays, a covered 10 bench 200 yard rifle range, and a covered 600 yard rifle range, with benches, prone platforms, and an elevated sshooting platform. Visit us at