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The purpose of this page is to have a forum for conservative ideas. Sound off on problems you may find troublesome about liberals, blm or anything really. All content is here at my discretion please try to keep the conspiracy Weirdness to a minimum. If you have a problem with the content of any post contact me or one of the admins and we will decide the appropriate action to take. If there is a problem with a member I will Deal with it. If a comment is deemed by me to be totally offensive I will delete you Immediately. All new member's will be vetted by me or an admin and not all will be added. Post's and chat showing nudity, pornography, Brutal scenes of Animals or Humans Dismembered or decapitated ,Being Abused or any nude children is not permitted and will be deleted. Post's asking for membership's in outside Group's are not allowed and will be deleted on sight.Posts soliciting Funds in the text or audio will be deleted.
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Mississippi Patriots
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This is a group for Mississippi Patriots who fear God, love their country, support the Constitution, and are ready to take a stand against political corruption that is so prevalent statewide and nationwide.  If you're tired of politicians getting rich at the American taxpayer’s expense then this is the group for you.   
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