American Party
What if we could have a brand new Political Party and a name on the next ballot from that party? One that not only understands the hardships faced by many, and likely most American citizens, but one that actually lives it.  Like many people I have spoken to, I am sick of all the parties we currently have, primarily due to the fact that they cannot make up their minds on anything and have little to no understanding on how life for the average American actually is. After being failed by all of or most of our elected officials, we the people need to stand up and make the difference. Familiarity has become the norm in this country and there are far to many followers and not enough real leaders. It is my strong belief that a true leader is one who strives to make new leaders, not new followers. The purpose of this group is to invite any and all American Citizens who believe in our constitution, the way it is written, and who believe that we the people should control government, not government controlling we the people, to discuss the pro's and con's of a potential new party that shows more support to the average American citizen rather than support for their personal bank account. I feel too many people in this country, regardless of political affiliation, have forgotten that government works for us. We have fallen into a norm of follow the leader when we should build, maintain, and demand a role of train the trainer. Leadership is really not difficult when you understand the value of being a great leader. This is something I believe many of our elected politicians have forgotten in all current political parties. I stand for original American Values, I stand for One nation, UNDER GOD, and I stand for FREEDOM of all legal American Citizens. Its time we take back what we own instead of paying RENT to OUR employees. It is time we start making our employees EARN their extremely inflated paychecks and place pay cuts on them to a average wage that we the people are forced to accept. It is time that WE THE PEOPLE stand up and take back our country for the future of not only our lives, but the lives of our children and all future generations to come. For far too long, we have sat on the sidelines living in fear of government. It is time to show the government that they should fear us. Property taxes or as it is more commonly know as RENT, should be abolished because no American home owner should ever fear government stealing what they have worked for. Income taxes should be abolished because what you earn at your job should belong to you and not the government. What about all the programs funded by the American worker income taxes? Think for just a moment, if we were to cut the wages of our congressional elected officials, shut down useless government offices, cut spending on useless government luxuries, and maybe turn out a few lights in the white house, that would significantly make up the difference for those programs. To add to that, the extra monies maintained by the American worker would boost the economy by permitting those workers to spend more money. This increases the amount of sales tax collected which can make up the remaining difference of funding to those programs. It is time for the states to take control over most of these programs without federal government influence. Our government has racked up a debt that will take several generations of proper budgeting to pay back. Politicians are the only people on earth that have the ability to make law that dictates the amount of money they get paid. I sure wish I could tell my boss how much he was paying me and not get fired. The reality is simple, government takes from the needy and gives to the greedy. It is time for that to change and WE THE PEOPLE are the ONLY ONES WHO CAN CHANGE IT.  This party doesn't need a cute little mascot to show who we are. We already have one. The original will do just fine. The sight of it makes our enemies cringe in fear, it makes our citizens stand tall with pride, and it says everything anyone needs to know about who we are and the values we hold dear.  Join me in discussing the possibility of this thought becoming a reality in our great United States of America. Stand up and let your voice be heard across the world. We don't need to riot, we don't need to protest, we simply need to stand strong together and let the roar of our freedom strike fear in the hearts and minds of those who oppose the American Citizen. 
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Grace Point at Eagle Heights Church
Our Mission Our mission is to be the Church. We are to love God, to love others, and to magnify the name of Jesus Christ. Our church is to glorify our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, to make true disciples throughout all the nations by means of missionary activity and support, to minister the ordinances, to edify believers, and to do all that is sovereignly possible and Biblically permissible to magnify the name of Jesus. Simply put: We are to make DISCIPLES.   What’s Different About Grace Point @ Eagle Heights? Grace Point at Eagle Heights (GPEH) is above all Christ centered – “We proclaim Him” (Col. 1:28). GPEH is a Bible Believing Church that is firmly rooted in a commitment to the fundamental distinctives of the Christian faith. We strive to be Bible focused and Christ centered in all we do. For this reason God’s Word is uppermost in our worship. We are committed to the expository unfolding of the Word of God. God’s Word takes precedence in our church over all other forms of authority. At GPEH the Word of God is preeminent over all things. We believe the church’s health depends on our consistent pursuit of Biblical knowledge and living. Evangelism is also central to the life of GPEH. We have a passion to see souls brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord of glory. Our worship style is a combination of both contemporary and traditional worship. We worship because of the marvelous truths about who God is and what He has done through Jesus Christ for His people. We desire our worship to be genuine, passionate, and heartfelt. We desire for our worship to be God centered not man centered. We sing songs because they glorify God, not simply because we like them. Therefore, every song undergoes a Biblical litmus test so that we sing only that which we believe is truly reflected in Scripture. We believe the older children at GPEH should be in corporate worship and hear the preaching of God’s Word. Men, women, boys, & girls of all ages benefit from hearing the Word of God and exalting God through song… together. Our church is committed to giving at least 20% to missions. We support a variety of works in places nearby and abroad, like Sudan, Kenya, Russia, Mexico, and more. We help send at least one mission team out every year to do short-term mission work. We believe in the Great Commission and our responsibility to take the gospel to every creature.   Sola Scriptura: The Scripture Alone is the Standard Sola Gratia: Salvation by Grace Alone Sola Fide: Justification by Faith Alone Solo Christo! By Christ’s Work Alone are We Saved Soli Deo Gloria! For the Glory of God Alone
Monat Hair Skin & Wellness
This group is about more than the #1 premium hair care in the US as well as skin care and wellness products; You will also learn information and tips that will help YOU be the best version of YOU!  You will also experience the family culture as you experience interaction with others and hear from a variety of people who have a lot of great information to share! 📣 PARTICIPATE 📣 Ask questions, interact, respond, give advice, share great things that you're reading or learning about hair, products, ingredients, etc. The more you give to this group, the more that you will receive. 👫 SPREAD THE LOVE 👫 ●Add any friends that you KNOW that would love and/or benefit from this information, community and tips. ❌ Please do not “mass add” people that would not want to be added to the group. We want people to benefit from this group and truly receive meaningful information as well as actually SEE what is posted. ● This group is for SUPPORT and INFORMATION  ❌ If you do post insulting, offensive, rude, demeaning, and/or negative comments your comment will be removed and you will be messaged by an administrator and/or removed. 🤔 WHAT IF I’M INTERESTED IN USING THESE PRODUCTS 🤔 ● Please reach out to the Market Partner, VIP or Retail customer that added you or informed you about this group ❌ Market Partners, poaching WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If an interested member comments or posts, it is the Market Partner’s job to return them to the person that added/informed them about the group. 📌 These products are amazing with less than a 1% return rate, but if you need reassurance MONAT offers a 30-day, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee! 📝 Ask your Market Partner about the “Hair, Skin and Wellness Quiz” to find the best products for your hair and skin's needs!  See Less
East Texas and Surrounding Area Pets
Welcome to East Texas Pets.  Here, you can look for your lost animal, attempt to locate the owner of a found animal, and rehome your pets.   Rules: 1.  Each post must include price or free, location and information about the pet.  Please do your very best to provide a picture. 2.  Steps must be taken to find the owner of a lost animal before attempting to rehome it. 3.  Be kind to one another.  If you don't have something nice to say, then please keep your comments to yourself. 4.  No flipping animals.  Flipping animals is to collect animals for free or cheap and then to merely sell them at a profit.  Because we want to promote safety for pets and people, flippers will be exposed as will those who are a danger to pets or people. 5.  No rescues will be allowed to collect animals unless that rescue is approved by group admin and then the rescue must allow ANY animal to be posted for 7 days prior to offerning rescue unless rescue is asked for. 6.  Rescues will be welcomed to post their animals.  Rescues don't have to be 501C3, but if you call yourself a rescue, you are expected to fully vet every animal before placement or in special circumstances, to require a contract that requires vetting.  All rescues will be expected to have any owner surrenders sign an owner surrender form.  No taking animals under false pretense. 7.  Please help us promote safety for pets and people.  Pet service posts are welcome as long as you include where the service is located and price when applicable. Posts of low cost spay/neuter is desired.   8.  No propaganda posts.  No fear mongering posts.  Factual informational posts are more than welcome. 9.  No funding posts allowed without permission.