by on February 16, 2021
Create your dream registry with everything your heart desires! With over a million products, you can get furniture, camping items, smarthome, pet products and more. Guests can contribute to the large items so you don't have to leave the fun stuff out! Extra discounts and bonus gifts are included with free shipping. Enjoy a quick, easy and fun registry!
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by on January 15, 2021
I am a part of an amazing business - multiple streams of income surrounding health products. I have been banned from Facebook for posting and am tired of the mess in this world. Thankful to be a part of this group! I have an online shopping mall with products from health to bitcoin and everything in between! I'll be posting different products occasionally. I'd love your feedback!  Our newest products include nootropics - my easy explanation is simply fuel for your brain. Brān...
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by on January 13, 2021
Blurb from the Latest Blog! Follow the Link below to read the full Blog and catch up on all the Blog Posts about La Casita Jardin you've missed.  "To help your understanding of why I was panicking, let me say that Social Media had alerted me to the fact that I wasn't keeping up with, "industry standards" for posting/video content. Yeah, they let you know these things and then tell you that your business is getting shoved to the bottom of the pile (so kind of them isn't it? Yes, that was sarcasm...
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by on January 9, 2021
This.... This right here is WHY I AM SO PASSIONATE about Pomifera and their products! I can't even begin to imagine a life with skin issue's like Psoriasis, and Excema.... Getting no relief from symptoms like itching. My sister went through this last year. Luckily she did try our products and she to found relief within 3 weeks. Now she has clear skin and hasnt had an outbreak. Give our products a try everyone. I can't express enough... My sister said in 3 months she spent $1,000's of dollars...
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