Dawn Entel
by on January 9, 2021
This.... This right here is WHY I AM SO PASSIONATE about Pomifera and their products!
I can't even begin to imagine a life with skin issue's like Psoriasis, and Excema.... Getting no relief from symptoms like itching. My sister went through this last year. Luckily she did try our products and she to found relief within 3 weeks. Now she has clear skin and hasnt had an outbreak.
Give our products a try everyone. I can't express enough... My sister said in 3 months she spent $1,000's of dollars on doctor bill's AND prescriptions. With Pomifera you buy products and have a 30 DAY MONEY back guarantee if they dont work! Like my sister said the small investment she made to buy products saved her SO MUCH MONEY and she had wished she would have known sooner.
I still cant imagine years or your entire life with these skin issue's like these kiddo's let alone adults having these skin issue's early on and into their adult life.
My family and I have switched to usimg these products because they are more Botanically Based products and safer to use. Let alone the savings we get from using less product and we have a family of 6. I have only been using these products since April and I am STILL finding uses for these products. These products just aren't for "beauty" they literally are helping others with irratating skin issues that have wreaked havoc on them for long periods of time and finally helping them get relief!
Check my page out to get more information here on Freedom Lake. Pomifera307 and or feel free to message me anytime.
Make 2021 the year for healthier skin. I would love to help you or a loved one out.