Heather Atwell
by on March 24, 2021

Blurb from the latest Blog! You can read the full Blog here: Wild Violet | Growing and Thriving | Fragrances of Eden (fragrances-of-eden.com)
"Maybe the lesson of the wild Violet is that, under the worst circumstances we can grow? Maybe the wild Violet is here to remind us that no matter the restriction, we can thrive in Christ? Maybe the best thing for us, is the rocky and barren places? Maybe the wild Violet and the conditions surrounding it are for our benefit and trying to remove ourselves from the hard conditions will only hurt us?

Just as I couldn't cultivate the wild Violets of myself, so too, the world cannot truly cultivate those of us who really belong to Christ. Only He can cultivate us, cause us to grow and bless us with contentment in the worst circumstances. Knowing my Master Gardener more and more has allowed me to continue growing. He has caused me to thrive, no one, not even I, can make a claim on that."
Simple. Natural. Essential.
Heather A.

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