Laurie Rush
by on January 15, 2021

I am a part of an amazing business - multiple streams of income surrounding health products. I have been banned from Facebook for posting and am tired of the mess in this world. Thankful to be a part of this group! I have an online shopping mall with products from health to bitcoin and everything in between! I'll be posting different products occasionally. I'd love your feedback! ;

Our newest products include nootropics - my easy explanation is simply fuel for your brain. Brān is formulated to deliver an instant boost to the control center of your body – our brain. With leading-edge nanotechnology, this well-rounded nootropic will help the body burn glucose and stored body fat. I've been using these products from a new company that started in April and is already going global. Brain food comes in a liquid form in an easy to use 'Snap'. You simply bend the package and drink the liquid. I've gone from total brain fog to remembering things like names and faces, which were always an issue for me. I also have more energy and seem to be able to get tons more during the day. I also sleep better! 

We added another new product to this particular company, Zlēm. This is a weight loss product that works while you sleep! It is also replacing some of my friends' usual sleep aids. They have said that they sleep better, fall asleep easier, wake up refreshed, and can actually go back to sleep when they wake up to use the restroom. I am waiting (im-)patiently for mine to be delivered today!!!