January 9, 2021

There is an attack on Free Speech! It is only going to get worse now since the election. Do not depend solely on the Mobile APP to always work. It is only a matter of time now before big tech tyranny removes all things free speech and conservative from all platforms and app stores.

We are already banned from the Apple store. We are building our mobile web version to function just like our App in the Android store. You can always log into the site through any web browser by typing in FreedomLake.com you can also add us to your homescreen How to ad FL to your Homescreen like and APP

Get your friends and family over asap!  Email with the inviter https://freedomlake.com/invite/

or  copy FreedomLake.com and post on your social medias, or message it to them. Tell them all they have to do is click or copy and paste FreedomLake.com into any browser and they can register.

Thank you for your support!